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Klimaatbuffers in Nederland

klimaatbuffers in Nederland

The Netherlands naturally safe

The Climate Buffer Coalition consists of seven big Dutch nature organisations:  Ark Nature, Natuurmonumenten, National Forest Service, Bird Life International The Netherlands, the Wadden Sea Society, De Landschappen and the World Wildlife Fund. The Coalition advocates employing nature in dealing with the consequences of climate change and works on the realization of so called natural climate buffers.

Climate buffers are nature areas specially designed to reduce the consequences of climate change. In these areas both water and nature are given more room. Climate buffers will not only guard us against flooding but will also store water for dry periods. In this way, these areas can offer the Netherlands security, attractive natural settings for plants, animals and people, and a healthy economic climate.

On this website the Climate Buffer Coalition explains how natural climate buffers will make the Netherlands more safe and more beautiful. You will also find more information about the different projects, the realization of Climate Buffers and the Climate Buffer Coalition.


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